Gonsoulin Industries New Mother Company For LeBeouf Towing

LeBeouf Bros. Towing Co., one of the better-known marine transportation companies operating on the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast, has evolved into one of the fastest growing, diversified organizations in the marine industry. As a result of this growth, a new corporation, Gonsoulin Industries, Inc., has been formed. Earl A. Gonsoulin, chairman of the board of directors, explained that the acquisition of several other firms made the move necessary. "We feel that our original corporate identity as a towing company, specializing in the transportation of petroleum products and crude oil no longer represented our overall scope of operations. Yet, in deference to the LeBeouf family and considering the fact that this name has been known throughout the marine industry since the company was founded, we didn't want to abandon the name entirely. So, we created Gonsoulin Industries as a parent company and kept LeBeouf Bros. Towing Co. as a wholly owned subsidiary." In addition to the LeBeouf Division, Gonsoulin Industries also consists of a steel service center, Houma Steel & Supply Co.; a shipyard, Bourg Dry Dock & Service Co.; a diesel repair service, R & G Diesel; Canafax Construction Company, specializing in general oil-field construction, and the Marcello Agency.

The new company has moved the LeBeouf Division and the corporate offices to the Tenneco- Laterre Building in Houma, La. The officers of the corporation are Earl A. Gonsoulin, chairman of the board; Richard A. Gonsoulin, president; Jerry T. Gonsoulin, executive vice president; T.E. Lofton Jr., vice president, and Edward D. Conway, secretary-treasurer.

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