Caterpillar Publishes 40-Page Color Booklet On Diesel Fuels/Engines

Today, diesel fuel is the largest single operating expense over the life of the engine—amounting to as much as 70 percent or more.

To get the most out of your investment, it is important to understand the properties of fuel and their impac.t on your diesel engine. Caterpillar Inc. recently published a 40-page, color booklet, "Diesel Fuels And Your Engine," which describes the harmful effects various fuels can have on an engine and how to deal with them.

Diesel engines can run on a wide range of fuels—crude oil, blended, or residual distillate for example. But they run best on distillate fuels, cause less downtime, last longer, and are often more cost effective. But when fuel costs rise, the tendency is to turn to lower quality fuel. Usually at the expense of the engine. The 40-page, four-color booklet provides facts on fuel selection and treatment. It offers basic, easy-tounderstand explanations of the properties of fuel, how they can affect an engine, and what steps can be taken to eliminate or minimize the problem.

The booklet discusses fuel corrosives, such as hydrogen sulphide, which is present in some crude and residual fuels. When water vapor from internal combustion mixes with the hydrogen sulphide, it forms highly corrosive sulfuric acid which can destroy valve guides, piston rings, and cylinder liners. The booklet tells what steps to take to help prevent corrosive damage.

Covered too, are such topics as fuel stability, starting characteristics, combustion chamber deposits, and various methods of fuel storage and treatment. It also lists fuel test kits, suppliers of fuel treatment plants, and various fuel-related publications.

"Diesel Fuels And Your Engine" is the second in the series of booklets to help customers achieve optimum engine service life and performance. Its co-publication, "Oil And Your Engine" (Form No.

SEBD0640), deals with the functions and properties of lubricating oils. More than 150,000 copies have been sold.

Copies of both booklets are available from your Caterpillar dealer at a nominal charge. Ask for service publication Form No. SEBD0717 for the fuel book or Form No. SEBD0640 for the oil book. Contact either the Service Training Department or the Dealer Promotion Department at your local Caterpillar dealer.

International requests should be directed to W. J. Gardner, Caterpillar Engine Division, P.O. Box 610, Mossville, 111. 61552-0610

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