L a r i m e r N a m e d Chief E n g i n e e r i n g P l a n n i n g/ C o n t r o l M a r i n e t t e M a r i ne

Ralph Larimer has been named chief, engineering planning and control of all MMC engineering operations and supervision of project engineering functions.

Mr. Larimer joined MMC in 1975 after completing active duty as a nuclear power qualified officer aboard the USS Grayling (SSN646). Assignments at MMC included chief of material control and supervisor of scheduling. He has been actively participating on recent SNAME Ship Producibility Committees.

MMC has expanded and developed its engineering department to provide an independent design capability. Contracts that are currently being supported with this design capability include Mine Countermeasure Vessels MCM-2 and MCM-4, Mine Sweeper Hunter (MSH) Design, Torpedo Weapons Retrievers (TWR), and 50-foot workboats.

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