Fibergrate Introduces New Fibertred FRP Stair Tread Panels

—Literature Offered Fibergrate Corp. of Dallas, Texas, is offering literature on the innovative new Fibertred stair-step panels that are produced by the company. According to the manufacturer, eight of industry's most popularsize stair treads (30 inches by 10'4 inches) can now be cut out of each all-new Fibertred FRP stair tread panel with no loss of material, and at a per-step cost saving of around 45 percent over single tread purchases. Corrosion-resistant Fibertred panels, made with fiberglass reinforced plastic, are said to be 50 percent stiffer, fire-retardant, impact- resistant, and electrically nonconductive. This unique panel construction makes it equally easy to yield all eight of industry's preferred tread sizes: widths 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches in both 9- and 10'/2-inch depths. Fibertred panels measure 10 feet by 22% inches, being specially engineered for no-loss, error-free cutting in 6-inch width increments, using a rotary handsaw equipped with a masonry blade that slices efficiently between the special double-bar construction, resulting in no-waste closed-end treads, ready to install. Tread mesh is 1% inches by 6 inches, and the ll(-inch thick panel is made with two anti-slip nosing bars along both edges of the 10-foot panel length. For optimum safety, Fibertred panels are manufactured with grit-impregnated nosing designed to meet OSHA standards.

Fibertred stair-step panels are available in all the same resin systems that comprise the universally accepted Fibergrate grating line. They include the orange Type D- 411 vinyl ester resin; gray Type CFR-197 polyester resin; green IFR- 67 isophthalic polyester resin; and gray XFR-92 polyester resin with antimony oxide added for maximum fire resistance. All fibertred panels are fire-retardant to meet Class 1 flame-spread classification standards, providing zero fuel contribution. All are dielectric, and are said to be more impact-resistant than galvanized iron or aluminum grating stair treads.

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