Beliard, Crighton Opens New Drydock In Dunkirk

Beliard, Crighton & Cie S.A., the leading French ship repairer based at Dunkirk, recently opened its fourth drydock with the docking of the South African container vessel S.A. Sederberg.

Measuring 50 meters by 310 meters (approximately 164 feet by 1,017 feet), the new drydock is capable of handling vessels up to 170,000 dwt.

The new drydock will add to Beliard, Crighton & Cie S.A.'s existing facilities, which include three drydocks and two floating docks.

In conjunction with the leading French shipbuilders Messrs Chantiers de France-Dunkirk, Beliard, Crighton & Cie S.A. early last month acquired a controlling interest in its former competitor, Flandres-Industrie S.A., and in effect became one of the largest ship repair groups in France. Beliard, Crighton & Cie S.A. is represented in Hong Kong by C.C. Chen of Hongkong United Dockyards, Ltd.

Both Beliard, Crighton & Cie S.A. and Hongkong United Dockyards Ltd. are represented exclusively in the United States by Robert M. Catharine of the Jackson Marine Corporation of New York.

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