Unidynamics/St. Louis Offers 24-Page Brochure

Unidynamics/St. Louis, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of UMC Industries, Inc., is offering a 24-page color brochure that gives an overview of the company, its growing facilities, capabilities, products, and organization.

The publication first presents a message from its president, who through the slogan "Our Strength Is Our People" emphasizes the impor- tance of selecting outstanding performers and encouraging them to reach their full potential. This is followed by a definition of what the company is, a description of its facilities and capabilities, and a thorough discussion of its three operating divisions: the Defense Systems Division, Elevator Systems Division, and the Petro-Electronics Division.

The text of the brochure is arranged for quick-and-easy reading, with a generous supply of color photos and drawings to serve as complement. The back cover features a Navy flag that flies over the headquarters of Unidynamics/St. Louis. The flag symbolizes the AEGIS Shipbuilders Award given to the company for meeting tight deadlines, staying within budget, and maintaining superior quality standards. Unidynamics is a major supplier of equipment for the Navy's high priority AEGIS Guided Missile Cruiser construction program.

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