Yarrow Wins U.K. Frigates Order Worth $538.5 Million

The U.K.'s Yarrow Shipbuilders recently won an order to build three more Type-23 frigates for the Royal Navy. The order for a fourth ship will be held over until next year when another batch of new vessels will be announced.

Each ship is about 10 million pounds ($17 million) cheaper than the average of three earlier Type- 23s ordered in 1986, bringing the price to about 105 million pounds per vessel ($179.5 million).

The three new Duke-class ships— the Iron Duke, Monmouth and Montrose—follow four other Type- 23s already under construction, three at Yarrow.

The number of new frigates of all types now on order for the Navy is now 10. Type-23 is the main antisubmarine ship envisaged for service over the next decades.

Plans call for the government to order two new frigates next year, two in 1990, three more in 1991, and again the following year. This will ensure that aging ships are replaced and the escort force of about 50 is maintained.

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