First Heavy Lift Ships Built In U.S.

The first heavy lift ships ever built in a U.S. shipyard, the John Henry and the Paul Bunyan, were christened recently at the shipyard of Peterson Builders, Inc. in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. They are owned by American Heavy Lift Shipping Company (AHL),



Better Equipment Increases Profitability —A Review— Most U.S. shipyards are in the process of increasing their efforts to expand repair and conversion work, both commercial and military. As many of these projects include drydocking, the efficiency

D.R. Enroth Named Vice President For Alaska Maritime Agencies

Alaska Maritime Agencies has announced the appointment of David R. Enroth to vice president. He has been associated with the firm since 1974, and has been general manager f o r the past five years. Mr. Enroth's experience in the maritime industry began in 1967,

Trellclean Conducts Technical Briefing And Hull-Cleaning Demonstration

Trellclean International, Limited, manufacturers and worldwide operators of the Trellclean underwater hull cleaning service, held a two-day in-depth technical briefing and a live demonstration of their three types of barnacleremoving machines recently in Long Beach, Calif.

Seaworthy Engine Systems Shortens Corporate Name

Seaworthy Engine Systems, Inc. of Essex, Conn, has announced a shortened corporate name. The new name, Seaworthy Systems, Inc., will better reflect the increased scope of company engineering activities, according to David A. O'Neil, president of the firm.


ANSCHUETZ Circle 6 1 on Reader Service Card Anschuetz & Co. GmbH of Kiel- Wik, West Germany, designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of navigation products, including gyrocompasses, autopilots, and steering controls that have been installed on more than 9,

Luckenbach And Lavino Named Agents For Cuban Fishing Fleet In U.S.A.

Luckenbach International Corporation of 21 East 66th Street, New York, N.Y. 10021, in conjunction with its associate, Lavino Shipping Company, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., have been appointed agents for the Cuban fishing fleet in the United States.

Thor Dahl Shipping Expands To South Pacific

A/S Thor Dahl Shipping of Sanderjord, Norway has purchased South Pacific InterLine (SPI) from Reederi AB Gotland of Visby, Sweden. Thor Dahl Shipping assigned its San Francisco-based shipping company, South Seas Steamship (SSS), full responsiblity for managing SPI's vessels,

Oceangoing Tank Barge Built By Zidell For Pacific Northern

Zidell of Portland, Ore., recently delivered the Rosemarie, an oceangoing tank barge built in Tacoma, Wash., for Pacific Northern Oil. Her Grade D petroleum capacity of 24,000 barrels makes this 230-foot barge the second largest of its kind in Puget Sound.

Prock Appointed Vice President/General Manager For Foss Alaska Line

W. Lael Prock has been named vice president/general manager of Foss Alaska Line (FAL), the Seattle- based subsidiary of Dillingham Corporation's Maritime Group. Previously operations manager for FAL, Mr. Prock has full responsibility for all FAL activities,

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